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JPFA International Symposium on Plant FactoryJPFA International Symposium on Plant Factory

■JPFA International Symposium on Plant Factory
Toward a sustainable future, we aim for open discussion and international co-creation on the issues such as utilization, roles, technological challenges, and direction of plant factories with artificial lighting (PFALs) that possess diverse purposes and applications. Additionally, there is potential for the use of PFALs in social activities as part of the global ecosystem and in creating varied and flexible food and plant production systems. These topics will be covered through open discussions and international collaboration at smart city Kashiwa-no-ha, with a view to achieving “staying healthy simply by living.”

Monday, September 4 – Tuesday, September 5, 2023

【On-site】Kashiwanoha Conference Center
(2-minute walk from Kashiwanoha Campus Station on the Tsukuba Express Line)
【Online】 Within the event app

Japan Plant Factory Association

Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences, Chiba University/Research Center for Space Agriculture and Horticulture, Chiba University

■Registration Fees
【JPFA Members】On-site: 15,000 yen/person, Online only: 7,000 yen/person
【Non-members】On-site: 35,000 yen/person, Online only: 20,000 yen/person

【Reception】8,000 yen/person (Reception will be held in the same venue and limited to on-site participants.)

■On-site Participation Benefits
・All participants will receive a copy of the lecture materials.
・Meeting tables are available. (Reservations are required through the event app.)

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*Recorded viewing period for online participation is until 13:00, Friday, September 29, 2023(JST) and application accepted until Wednesday, September 27, 2023.

-Panel discussions
-Poster presentations (On-site)
-Exhibits (On-site/online), etc.
Note: All participants can use the Swapcard event app that allows participants to engage in various activities such as online exhibitions, viewing recorded sessions at a later time, exchanging individual messages, reserving meeting tables, and updating their profiles with information.

【On-site】Kashiwanoha Conference Center
【Online】 Within the event app

■Poster Presentation
The call for poster presentations on plant factories using artificial lighting has been closed.


Symposium Committees

Speakers & Panelists

Leo Marcelis

Professor and Head of Chair Group Horticulture and Product Physiology,
Wageningen University

Hiroki Koga

Co-founder and CEO,
Oishii Farm

Francesco Orsini

Full Professor,
the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences (DISTAL), University of Bologna

Seishi Ninomiya

Emeritus Professor,
The University of Tokyo

 All Speakers & Panelists

Chieri Kubota

Professor, the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science,
The Ohio State University


Eiji Goto

Professor, Graduate School of Horticulture,
Chiba University


Yoshiaki Kitaya

Professor Emeritus and Director of R&D Center for the Plant Factory,
Osaka Metropolitan University

Masayuki Hirafuji

Project Professor,
The University of Tokyo


Roel Janssen

Chief Business Officer,
Planet Farms


Paul Gauthier

Professor, Protected Cropping, The Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, The University of Queensland

Katashi Kai

General Manager, Shinnippou (808 factory)

Nagateru Nozawa


Kenji Nakamura

General Manager, ESPEC MIC Corp.

Satoru Kobayashi

Project Leader, Planning Group, Kashiwanoha Urban Planning and Development Department, MITSUI FUDOSAN CO.,LTD.

Hirokazu Fukuda

Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka Metropolitan University

Teruaki Nanseki

Professor Emeritus, Kyushu University /Honorary President, the Japanese Agricultural Information Society

Toru Maruo

Vice President, Japan Plant Factory Association

Eri Hayashi

President, Japan Plant Factory Association

 Will be more updated.

Symposium Schedule

The Symposium focused on keywords such as space farm, resource use efficiency, strawberry plant factory, phenotyping, AI, automation, next-generation nutrient solution, smart city, open discussion with leading large-scale plant factory operators, urban farm towards a circular economy, etc.
Interactive sessions were held not only on research but also on business and other topics.
*All keynote lectures, the panel discussion, and the special session are included in the video recordings for later viewing.
*Recorded viewing period for online participation runs up to Friday, September 29, 2023 at 13:00 (JST).

Day 1: Monday, September 4, 2023

Time (JST) Speakers Programs Language
12:00 - Doors open/Check-in
13:00 -
Hideyuki Takahashi

Eri Hayashi
Opening Remarks by the Co-organizer: Research Center for Space Agriculture and Horticulture, Chiba University
Welcoming Address by the Organizer: Introduction and Prospects of Plant Factories
13:30 - Eiji Goto New-age PFAL Makes Significant Contributions to the Futures of Plant Made Pharmaceuticals, Natural Medicine, Functional Food, and Space Habitation Japanese
14:10 - Yoshiaki Kitaya Facility-based Plant Production Systems Combined with Co-production of Other Organisms for Contributing to the Circular Economy English
14:50 - Poster Presentation Ⅰ English
15:10 - Short Break
15:20 - Leo Marcelis Improving the Light Use Efficiency of Crop Production in Plant Factories English
16:00 - Seishi Ninomiya Next-Generation Plant Factories Supported by High-throughput Phenotyping - Current Status and Future Prospects English
16:40 - Exhibitors' Presentation Ⅰ
MIYOSHI AGRITECH, Klasmann-Deilmann Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., MIRAI Co.,Ltd., ESPEC MIC CORP., Delphy Japan
17:10 - Satoru Kobayashi Kashiwanoha Smart City Initiatives English
18:00(TBD) The reception
At the same venue. ※Pre-registration is required.

Day 2: Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Time (JST) Speakers Programs Language
8:30 - Doors open/Check-in
9:00 - Opening
9:10 - Chieri Kubota 【Onsite Lecture】
Growing Leafy Greens with a Low-pH Hydroponic Solution
9:50 - Hiroki Koga 【Onsite Lecture】
Is Vertical Farming Here to Stay, or Was It an Illusion?
10:30 - Exhibitors' PresentationⅡ
808FACTORY, Jiffy Products International B.V., Fujian Sananbio Technology Co., Ltd
11:00 - Short Break
11:10 - Katashi Kai
Nagateru Nozawa
Kenji Nakamura
Toru Maruo
Eri Hayashi
Panel Discussion "The Reality and Future of Plant Factory Operations" Japanese
Lunch Luncheon Seminar/Networking Break
Ⅰ: Delphy Japan
Ⅱ: GreenTech RAI Amsterdam
13:30 - Francesco Orsini 【Onsite Lecture】
Design and Technological Elements for Resource Efficient Vertical Farming
14:10 - Roel Janssen 【Onsite Lecture】
Vertical Farming in Europe: How Companies are Adapting to Changing Environments
14:50 - Poster Presentation Ⅱ English
15:10 - Short Break
15:20 - Masayuki Hirafuji
Hirokazu Fukuda
Teruaki Nanseki
Katashi Kai
Eri Hayashi
Special Session "Plant Factories in the Age of AI" Japanese
16:10 - Paul Gauthier 【Onsite Lecture】
Wheat, Foundation for Stable Crops Growing in Vertical Farming
- 17:00 Closing

September 8, 2023


  • 三好アグリテック(株)
  • Klasmann-Deilmann
  • MIRAI(株)
  • Delphy Japan
  • Especmic
  • 808FACTORY
  • Jiffy
  • Sananbio
  • Future Agro-tech

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