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年度末のご挨拶/Year-End Message from JPFA





Year-End Message from JPFA

The Japan Plant Factory Association has run workshops and training courses online in the current fiscal year ending on March 31, 2021, due to the coronavirus pandemic, welcoming many participants in and outside Japan.
The JPFA held in February its 140th workshop since the first one in October 2009. The number of workshop participants in the current fiscal year has come to about 1,150, bringing the cumulative total to about 12,000.
In September 2020, the JPFA received an award of excellence of the Innovation Net Award 2020 (the ninth regional industrial support program awarding project) presented by the Innovation Initiative Network Japan.
We understand that the award reflects praise and expectations for future expansion of JPFA operations, such as contribution to the development of technologies for advanced plant factories and provision of high-quality training programs based on practical science as well as human resource development and new business creation in cooperation with you, members, and international activities.
We are genuinely pleased that we were recognized as such for the path we have followed with you since the JPFA’s foundation in 2010, and we cannot express gratitude enough.
In the next fiscal year, the 12th business term, we will continue making every effort to promote development of plant factories by actively keeping enriching online content, strengthening information dissemination in and outside Japan and engaging in research and development, business support, public relations and diffusion activities, human resource development and international operations as well as by strengthening bonds with you and looking to the future with you.
We are planning to organize a special event for communication with members this year with the use of an online platform. We hope you will keep supporting and cooperating with us.