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Join Our Urgent Survey on the Impact of COVID-19 (Vol.1)

As coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to spread and create challenges worldwide, we feel concerted effort is crucial to our sector more than ever before.

JPFA is conducting a research on the impact of COVID-19. This will help us better understand the challenges we are currently facing and rethink about what we can do together for our future.

In addition, your survey responses will help us better plan and identify topics for JPFA’s 138th Workshop (Webinar), scheduled for June 2020, on the Future of Plant Factory – Challenges/Impact of COVID-19, Future Role and Direction of Plant Factory.

Your responses will be compiled statistically for the sole purpose of this survey, and your personal information will not be released.


We greatly appreciate your input.


Please take the survey below.
Urgent Survey on the Impact of COVID-19 (Vol.1)


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