古在 豊樹

Our mission is to contribute to concurrently solve the global food, environmental, energy and resource issues of the 21st century through R&D and dissemination of sustainable plant factory systems, enabling resource saving, environmental conservation, high-quality/profitable/stable plant production. We believe our efforts will contribute to improving the quality of people's lives by creating employment opportunities with "ikigai".
To accomplish our mission, we actively introduce state-of-the-art technologies and pursue economic rationality.
We are grateful for your support, participation and guidance in our journey.

Honorary President, Japan Plant Factory Association (NPO)
Toyoki Kozai 古在 豊樹

About Us

Japan Plant Factory Association/JPFA

Japan Plant Factory Association (JPFA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 and is devoted to academic and business advancements in the global industry of plant factory/controlled environment agriculture. Our mission is to develop and disseminate sustainable systems that can address global challenges: food, environment, energy, resource and people's health. With international industry-academia collaborations, we manage around 20 R&D projects, workshops, training courses, etc. based in a Chiba University campus in Kashiwanoha, a smart city in Japan.

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JPFA Members


By Train
(to the Main Gate)

Route by Train

Kashiwanoha-campus station on the Tsukuba Express Line is less than one hour from Tokyo.
The JPFA office is a 7-minute walk from the West Exit of the station.

Visual Guide to Get to JPFA from Kashiwanoha-Campus Station

  1. Turn left facing "McDonald's" once you go through the ticket gate of the Kashiwanoha-campus station on the Tsukuba Express Line.

  2. Go straight until you get to the entrance "Lalaport Kashiwanoha (hereinafter: Lalaport)" and turn right.

  3. Turn left along the Lalaport building while passing MUJI / Chiba Bank.

  4. Follow along with the Lalaport building until you get to the traffic light at T-junction and cross the street.

  5. You will see the "main gate" of Chiba University and enter the site.
    * The main gate is only accessible on foot and by bicycle.

  6. Turn right at the green signboard on your right.

  7. Go straight about 200m.

  8. You will see two blue signboards on your left. After passing the second blue signboard, then turn right.

  9. You will find two JPFA buildings. JPFA office/reception is located in “Training Building B” on your right.

By Chartered Bus

Route by Bus

The parking area is only for chartered buses, and reservations are required (space numbers 0 to 2). Be sure to use the North Gate (Kita-mon).


6-2-1 Kashiwanoha Kashiwa, Chiba 277-0012 Japan

Accommodation Info

Accommodation Info

Route by Train
Route by Bus

To visit JPFA, all visitors must make a reservation.
For reservations, click here.