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Masayuki Hirafuji

Hirafuji for ISPF

Masayuki Hirafuji
Project Professor, The University of Tokyo

Special Session “Plant Factories in the Age of AI”

Dr. Hirafuji joined the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) in 1983 (Agricultural Research Center). After serving as a Research officer at Secretariat of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council and as the director at National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO), he became a project professor at the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences of the University of Tokyo in 2017. He has engaged in experimental (measurement methods, IoT, sensor networks, big data, closed ecosystems) and theoretical (modeling, artificial intelligence, consciousness, quantum evolution) research on biology/agriculture.

Recently, he has been conducting research as Principal Investigator of JST CREST project (Knowledge Discovery by Constructing AgriBigData, FY2015-2021) and JST AIP acceleration (Studies of CPS Platform to Raise Big-data-driven AI Agriculture, FY2021-2023).


平藤 雅之
東京大学 特任教授


1983年、農水省入省(農業研究センター)。農水省技術会議事務局研究調査官、農研機構研究領域長を経て、2017年、東京大学農学生命科学研究科特任教授。生物/農業に関する実験的研究(計測手法、IoT、センサネットワーク、ビッグデータ、閉鎖生態系)及び理論的研究(モデリング、人工知能、意識、量子進化)に従事。JST CRESTプロジェクト(フィールドセンシング時系列データを主体とした農業ビッグデータの構築と新知見の発見、2015-2021年度)及びJST AIP加速(ビッグデータ駆動型AI農業創出のためのCPS基盤の研究、2021-2023年度)の研究代表者。