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Keynote Speaker: Hiroki Koga

Hiroki Koga for ISPF

“Is Vertical Farming Here to Stay, or Was It an Illusion?”

Hiroki Koga
Co-founder and CEO, Oishii Farm

Hiroki Koga is the Co-founder & CEO of Oishii, the world’s largest indoor vertical strawberry farm. Koga founded Oishii in 2016 with a mission to revolutionize how food is grown. Oishii’s innovative, pesticide-free farms produce perfectly ripe fruit year-round, offering customers clean, hyper-local strawberries grown in a way that’s better for people and for the planet.

Prior to co-founding Oishii in 2016, Koga worked as a consultant in the Strategy and Operations unit at Deloitte Consulting Japan, where he focused on the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology before spearheading the firm’s entry into agriculture technology consulting. At Deloitte, Koga used his unique understanding of the Japanese vertical farming ecosystem to assist many of the country’s leading vertical farm operators to develop business strategies and expand overseas. Koga also worked for multiple venture capital firms to conduct due diligence on vertical farm-related investments.


古賀 大貴氏
Oishii Farm(米国)最高経営責任者/共同創業者



持続可能な農業と、世界中に「Oishii」を広めるべく、在学中の2016年12月に「Oishii Farm」を創業、2017年から米ニューヨーク近郊にて日本のイチゴを育てる植物工場を構え、ミシュランの高級レストランに卸し、そのおいしさから米国中のセレブやメディアが取り上げた。