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Hirokazu Fukuda

Hirokazu Fukuda

Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka Metropolitan University

Dr. Hirokazu Fukuda is a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka Metropolitan University. After obtaining his Doctor of Engineering in the field of Nonlinear Physics from the Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University in 2004, he served as an assistant and then an associate professor at Osaka Prefecture University before assuming his current professorship. During this period, he held a concurrent position as a pioneering researcher (PRESTO) at the Japan Science and Technology Agency at 2009-2012 and again at 2015-2018. His expertise is in the mathematical sciences of circadian clocks”, and he conducts research on control and simulation technologies for circadian clocks in plant factories.

福田 弘和


福田弘和博士は、大阪公立大学大学院工学研究科機械工学専攻・教授です。 2004年に九州大学工学府において非線形物理学の分野で博士(工学)を取得後、大阪府立大学助手、准教授を経て、現在の教授に至っています。この間、2009-2012年、2015-2018年に科学技術振興機構のさきがけ研究者を兼任しました。専門は「概日時計の数理科学」であり、植物工場での概日時計の制御技術やシミュレーション技術などの研究を行っています。