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10周年イベントJPFA 10th anniversary


Fest Outline

Thank you always for joining and cooperating with our activities.

The JPFA will hold a member-only, interactive online fest on Sept. 15-17 to commemorate its 10th anniversary.

The 10th Anniversary Fest will not only feature keynote speeches by superb lecturers but also allow participants to share research and project results, explore new research topics and identify needs to create new businesses, learn about activities of member companies and researchers, and interact with each other. By sharing 10 years of progress and activities with you, we would like to offer you an opportunity to chart a course for a sustainable future together.

In gratitude for your continued support, we will make participation in the fest free of charge in principle.

  • ■■■Outline of Japan Plant Factory Association 10th Anniversary Fest■■■
  •      –10 Years of Progress, and Achieving the SDGs and Beyond–

  • When
     Wednesday, Sept. 15 to Friday, Sept. 17 (JST)
  •  ※A certain extra period for networking will be set each before and after the fest days.
  •  ※You can have time until the end of the networking period to watch recorded videos of speeches and other programs given on the fest days.

  • How
  •  The fest will be held online with the use of the Swapcard event app.
  •  During the fest period, Swapcard allows each participant to send and receive messages, have meetings individually, get matched with other participants and present a profile so that members can communicate and network with each other.

  • What
  •  - Keynote speeches
  •  - Panel discussions and roundtables
  •  - Project and research presentations
  •  - Networking and individual meetings
  •  - Virtual exhibitions
  •  - Sharing 10th anniversary commemorative materials
  •  - Other activities

  • Who  Participants need to be JPFA members.

    How Much  No charge in principle.
  •  ※Participants can view speeches, join roundtables and engage in networking.
  •  ※We charge 3,000 yen per person, however, for participation exceeding the following numbers.
  •    Organizational special members: 5 persons
  •    Organizational regular or supporting members: 2 persons
  •    All individual members: 1 person 

  • What About Exhibitions
  •  It is possible to exhibit at the fest site on Swapcard.
  •  Let us know if you are interested.

  •  Organizational special members will not be charged, but organizational regular members are charged 30,000 yen each.

  •  We encourage organizational members to exhibit to take the opportunity to market products or services since the names and logos of exhibitors will be shown during the fest and be put on the JPFA special website and in materials distributed to members and nonmembers to advertise the fest.

Speakers and Panelists

Keynote Speakers

Chieri Kubota

Professor, Ohio State University

Hiroki Koga

Co-founder and CEO, Oishii Farm

Leo Marcelis

Professor and Head of Chair Group Horticulture and Product Physiology, Wageningen University

Seishi Ninomiya

Project Professor, University of Tokyo

Toyoki Kozai

Honorary President, Japan Plant Factory Association

Toru Maruo

Vice President, Japan Plant Factory Association


Katashi Kai

General Manager, Shinnippou Ltd. (808 factory)

Yuhei Shimada

Manager, Kidaya Shoten Co., Ltd. (greenLand)

Kenji Nakamura

General Manager, ESPEC MIC Corp.

Tetsuo Sekiyama

Director, Japan Plant Factory Association

Eri Hayashi

Vice President, Japan Plant Factory Association

Fest Schedule

Day 1: Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2021

Time (JST) Speakers Programs Language
9:30-9:45 Opening and Greetings Japanese
9:45-10:00 JPFA 10 Years of Progress Japanese (English)
10:00-11:00 Toru Maruo Keynote
R&D and Practical Activities over the Past 10 Years and a Future Outlook (Tentative)
11:00-11:30 Toru Maruo and more Roundtable--Looking Back on Opening of Plant Factory Hub on Chiba University Kashiwanoha Campus Japanese
11:30-11:45 Yoshiaki Kitaya Greetings and Introduction of R&D Center for Plant Factory at Osaka Prefecture University Japanese
14:15-15:00 Leo Marcelis Keynote
Illuminating Plants by LEDs Based on the Physiology of the Plants
15:15-15:45 Presentations by Organizational Members
&ever GmbH, Own Greens BV

Day 2: Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021

Time (JST) Speakers Programs Language
9:30-10:15 Chieri Kubota Keynote
Current Research Topics
10:30-11:15 Seishi Ninomiya Keynote
Sustainable and Productive Agriculture with Plant Factory - Perspectives toward 2050
11:30-12:00 Presentations by Organizational Members
Contain Inc, CO2 GRO Inc.
13:30-14:30 Tetsuo Sekiyama
Toyoki Kozai
Toru Maruo
Eri Hayashi
Panel Discussion
Challenges and Countermeasures in Scaling Up Greenhouses--Achieving Productivity Improvement and Energy Saving on the Basis of Demonstration Cultivation Data
...Topic presenter: Tetsuo Sekiyama
15:00-16:00 Katashi Kai
Yuhei Shimada
Kenji Nakamura
Toyoki Kozai
Toru Maruo
Panel Discussion
Talking on Plant Factories with Artificial Lighting (Tentative)
...Moderator: Eri Hayashi

Day 3: Friday, Sept. 17, 2021

Time (JST) Speakers Programs Language
9:30-10:15 Hiroki Koga Keynote
Oishii Farm--Gaining the Leading Edge in the Plant Factory Business and Looking Ahead
10:30-11:30 Toyoki Kozai Keynote
Sustainable Plant Factories with Artificial Lighting (PFALs) --Reaching the SDGs and Beyond
Japanese (English)
14:00-15:00 Video Presentations by Exhibitors and Organizational Members
15:00-16:00 Roundtable and Networking
16:00- Closing

To be updated as available.


Obayashi Corporation
Yanmar Green System

How to Apply

How to Apply for 10th Anniversary Fest

Apply by clicking on the relevant button below.
※We urge each organizational member to let the contact person file applications.
※To check whether your company or organization is a JPFA member, ask a person concerned with plant factories.

Organizational Members Fest Application Form   Individual Members Fest Application Form  

  • Participation exceeding the limit number requires 3,000 yen per person.
  • Exhibiting at the fest requires the following.
    Organizational special members: free of charge
    Organizational regular or supporting members: 30,000 yen each

  • After receiving and checking each exhibition application, we will issue the invoice.

  • If you have anything unclear about the 10th Anniversary Fest, email us at jpfa.anniversary★ (Change ★ to @ to create the correct address.)

How to Apply for JPFA Membership

If you wish to become a JPFA member, click on the button below.

Membership Applicaion Form  

Check here for the JFPA's membership system.