Five-day Introductory Training Course on

Plant Factory with Artificial Lighting (PFAL)

October 1st – 5th, 2018


 In response to increasing global demands from indoor farmers, researchers and future entrepreneurs in the exciting emerging field of plant factory with artificial lighting (PFAL), also known as vertical farm, this coming October, Japan Plant Factory Association (JPFA) together with Chiba University will host an intensive five-day introductory training course in English on PFAL.
Since 2010, JPFA and Chiba University have been organizing various in-depth and practical sessions, including introductory to advanced courses. This five-day introductory session in English, held October 1st -5th, covers what you would need to know before or after starting PFAL business or research. The sessions will be interactive academic and practical classes, covering topics such as structure and function of PFAL, environmental control, lighting, plant physiology, nutrient solutions, seedlings, recent new technology, and business case studies of commercial large-scale PFALs. In addition to lectures by academic professionals and PFAL representatives, optional excursions to some commercial PFALs on the last day of the course will be organized.

1. Objective and Goal

  -To offer foundation for theory and experience-based practice, with a view to foster academic and industrial development toward next generation PFAL.

 -To facilitate development and dissemination of technically and economically sustainable PFAL, through providing the firsthand technical and conceptual classes by broad-ranging professionals in practice from both academia and PFAL industry.

2. Target group: Who would attend?

Motivated current/potential indoor farmers who plan to start or just started PFAL business or research. They will gain understandings of elementary theory and practice of PFAL, basic knowledge of cultivation and operational management, and keys for business success, etc.

3. Lecturers and program

Scheduled Lectures 

Chiba University / JPFA:
T. Kozai, Y. Shinohara, T. Maruo, S. Tsukagoshi, N. Lu, M. Takagaki, T. Yamaguchi, O. Nunomura and E. Hayashi

Lecturers from the PFAL industry: Representatives from 808 Factory and others

Scheduled Program (The schedule is subject to change without notice.)


Class Unit





Current global situation

Plant factory with artificial lighting (PFAL) in the world

Current PFALs

Current cultivation systems and protocols, characteristic of LEDs, issues to be solved and/or improved

Meanings of basic technical terms for understanding the lectures

Units of photon (mol) and energy (J or kWh), photosynthetic photon efficacy of LEDs, PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density), EC (electric conductivity), VPD (vapor pressure deficit), net photosynthetic and transpiration rates, etc.

Environment and sanitary control units

Layout and functions of facilities in cultivation room, environment and sanitary control units, improvement of light energy use efficiency and light distribution

Environmental effects on plant

physiology and


Photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration of plants

Basics of photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration, effects of environmental factors on photosynthesis, etc.

Light environment and plant growth

Effect of light environment on plant growth and quality of produce

Nutrient solution in hydroponics

Plant nutrition related with nutrient and water uptake

Uptake of nutrient and water, and transpiration

functions of water and nutrition in plants, physiological disorders and avoidance methods

Basis of hydroponic cultivation

Nutrient solution composition and management, 

typical physiological disorders such as tip burn

Cultivation production

Cultivation management (seeding to precooling)

Seeding, transplanting, harvesting, post-harvest processing, pre-cooling

Forthcoming technologies


Phenotyping, artificial intelligence, time shift lighting, automation/robots, renewable energy use, breeding of plants suited to PFALs


Starting PFAL/vertical farming business

For sustainable PFAL business, reduction of running costs, production of high value plants, marketing and creation of business model


Activities at Chiba University and JPFA



Onsite tour

Kashiwanoha Campus, Chiba University

Q&A Session


Commercial PFAL tour

(Field trip to small, medium, and large-scale PFALs)

*Upon completion of the course, we will issue a Certificate of Completion to all qualified lecture attendees.

4. Guidelines for Applicants

Date2018. 10.1 Mon - 10.5 Fri
*On the first day (2018.10.1), the reception and classes are scheduled to start in the morning.
On the last day (2018. 10.5), the optional excursion will be held in the greater Tokyo area and is scheduled to finish at approximately 15:00
(Detail schedule will be announced once fixed.).

6-2-1 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa, Chiba, JAPAN 277-0882
Center for Environment, Health and Feild Sciences, Chiba University
Japan Plant Factory Assosiation (Building A 1F Meeting Room)
*Kashiwanoha Campus is located less than 1 hour from Tokyo by train. There are several accomodations nearby. We will provide information after you apply.

JPFA member       JPY115,000/person
JPFA Non-member   JPY145,000/person

Includes materials for lectures and the transportation fee on the excursion day.
Lunch is not provided, however there are many options in walking distance including a shopping mall food court and grocery store.

**We will issue the invoice via PayPal after receiving the application form.
If you prefer to send the fee via wire transfer, please let us know. The payer will be responsible for any bank charges incurred for processing wire transfer.

5. How to apply

You can access the application form here.
or use the attached excel form and send to

*Seats will be filled in the order that applications are received.
After applying, you will receive the invoice within 7 to 10 business days. After confirming your payment, your seat will be reserved and we will provide your confirmation booking number.

If your payment can not be made within 5 business days after receiving the invoice, your reservation may be cancelled automatically.

Deadline for registration:
The end of August or when the capacity is filled.
If participants cancel the training course on or before August 20th 2018, we will return the fee except JPY 40,000 (a cancellation fee). If the cancellation occurs after August 21th 2018, the fee shall be due in full.
In most cases, in lieu of cancelling you may transfer your registration to another person without penalty.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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