Plant Factory Study Meeting

Plant Factory Study Meeting

First Half of 2016: Study Meeting on Business Strategy
Japan Plant Factory Association (JPFA) is planning to hold Study Meeting on Business Strategy for companies who are participating/planning to participate in the plant factory business. This is a follow-up of the Study Meetings on: Agricultural Strategy (2013), Agricultural Enterprise Strategy (2014), and Plant Factory Business Strategy (2015). Your participation is welcome.

*To understand the plant factory business as a whole and the sorting business problems. Then participants will be levelled up and they can decide business scenario.

JPFA is planning to hold two courses by a position or a level of each participant as follows:
1.Business Course
The purpose of this course is that participants can draw up strategy for companies who are participating/plannting to participate in the plant factory and its related business.
2.Environment Control and ICT Course
The purpose of this course is to master environment control technology and ICT which are important for administration of plant factory.

Duration:April–September, 2016
Number of training:Once a month, 6 days in total
Venue:Conference room of the Plant Factory Association, Center for Environment, Health, and Field Sciences, Chiba University
No. of trainees:Maximum 10 trainees for each course.
Fare: 1. 200,000YEN (lump sum payment)
    2. 80,000YEN x 3 times

Deadline of application;April 5, 2016

For details, please contact us:

Head Office
Center for Environment, Health & Field Sciences of Chiba Universite
6-2-1 Kashiwa-no-ha Kashiwa, Chiba 277-0882 JAPAN