Smart Plant Factory
The Next Generation Indoor Vertical Farms
Editors: Kozai, Toyoki (Ed.)

Publisher: Springer, ISBN 978-981-13-1065-2
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About this book
Stepwise and logically well-organized description help the reader to learn various aspects of plant factory quickly.
Provides easily understandable but accurate description of the concept, design, management and marketing of plant factory.
Presents a clear overview of the role of plant factory in the 21st century to researchers, graduate students, policy makers and business people.
LED Lighting for Urban Agriculture
Editors: Kozai, Toyoki, Fujiwara, Kazuhiro, Runkle, Erik S.

This book focuses on light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, mainly for the commercial production of horticultural crops in plant factories and greenhouses with controlled environments, giving special attention to: 1) plant growth and development as affected by the light environment; and 2) business and technological opportunities and challenges with regard to LEDs. The book contains more than 30 chapters grouped into seven parts: 1) overview of controlled-environment agriculture and its significance; 2) the effects of ambient light on plant growth and development; 3) optical and physiological characteristics of plant leaves and canopies; 4) greenhouse crop production with supplemental LED lighting; 5) effects of light quality on plant physiology and morphology; 6) current status of commercial plant factories under LED lighting; and 7) basics of LEDs and LED lighting for plant cultivation.

LED lighting for urban agriculture in the forthcoming decades will not be just an advanced form of current urban agriculture. It will be largely based on two fields: One is a new paradigm and rapidly advancing concepts, global technologies for LEDs, information and communication technology, renewable energy, and related expertise and their methodologies; the other is basic science and technology that should not change for the next several decades. Consideration should be given now to future urban agriculture based on those two fields.

The tremendous potentials of LED lighting for urban agriculture are stimulating many people in various fields including researchers, businesspeople, policy makers, educators, students, community developers, architects, designers, and entrepreneurs. Readers of this book will understand the principle, concept, design, operation, social roles, pros and cons, costs and benefits of LED lighting for urban agriculture, and its possibilities and challenges for solving local as well as global agricultural, environmental, and social issues.

Publisher: Springer; 1st ed. 2016 edition (November 17, 2016)
ISBN 978-981-10-1848-0

Springer  139.00 USD (eBooK) ISBN 978-981-10-1848-0
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Plant Factory, 1st Edition
An Indoor Vertical Farming System for Efficient Quality Food Production.

Key Features
Provides full-scope insight on plant farm, from economics and planning to life-cycle assessment.
Presents state-of-the-art plant farm science, written by global leaders in plant farm advancements.
Includes case-study examples to provide real-world insights.

Plant Factory: An Indoor Vertical Farming System for Efficient Quality Food Production provides information on a field that is helping to offset the threats that unusual weather and shortages of land and natural resources bring to the food supply.
As alternative options are needed to ensure adequate and efficient production of food, this book represents the only available resource to take a practical approach to the planning, design, and implementation of plant factory (PF) practices to yield food crops. The PF systems described in this book are based on a plant production system with artificial (electric) lights and include case studies providing lessons learned and best practices from both industrial and crop specific programs.
With insights into the economics as well as the science of PF programs, this book is ideal for those in academic as well as industrial settings.

Table of Contents
Part I Overview and concept of closed plant production system (CPPS)
Part II Basics of physics and physiology – Environments and their effects Light
Part III System design, construction, cultivation and management
Part IV PFALs in operation and its perspectives

Editors:Toyoki Kozai, Genhua Niu & Michiko Takagaki
Expected Release Date:01 Oct 2015
Print Book USD: 84.96
監 修 古在豊樹(NPO植物工場研究会・理事長)
定 価 1,600円+税
    A5判 160頁 ISBN 978-4-416-71465-2
発売日 2014/11
発 行 誠文堂新光社

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